Carboncil 1,5 Kg.

Brunnen Industrie s.r.l. presents the new “Carboncil” INSTANT charcoal, a new type of plant-based charcoal with high yield and calorific value, containing
an ecological liquid derived from fermented plant products for easy lighting.

“Carboncil” is ready in only 10 minutes and is ideal for a perfect barbecue.

Modo d’uso:

  • Spread an even layer of INSTANT charcoal on the barbecue;
  • Light the charcoal;
  • Wait 10 minutes;
  • When it turns grey, position the grill and start cooking.


  • It’s ideal for 6-7 people;
  • It is perfect for a last-minute barbecue;
  • No need for firelighters, kindling or paper: you only need a match to light it;
  • It doesn’t alter the flavour of food;
  • It does not contain synthetic products.