Pali in pino tondi a punta

Impregnated round, pointed pine poles

Pointed, round pine poles, impregnated in autoclave with superior resistance to the weather. Designed to be fixed into the ground and used to create fences, available in bundles of various sizes.

SizesPieces per bundleSizesPieces per bundle
cm 4x150500cm 8x150130
cm 4x200500cm 8x200130
cm 4x250500cm 8x250130
cm 4x300500cm 8x300130
cm 5x150315cm 10x15088
cm 5x200315cm 10x20088
cm 5x250315cm 10x25088
cm 5x300315cm 10x30088
cm 6x150234cm 12x15063
cm 6x200234cm 12x20063
cm 6x250234cm 12x25063
cm 6x300234cm 12x30063
Main properties
Wood essence:Nordic pine
Certification:FSC environmental certification
Treatment type:Tanalith E3475 without chrome
Relative humidity before treatment:25% / 40%
High pressure treatment class:3
Kg. of dissolved product:4,5 kg x mc