Wood pellets, a fuel made by compressing dried sawdust into small cylinders measuring a few millimeters in diameter, represent modern alternative to traditional energy sources for heating.

Made using 100% virgin wood, and processed using simple mechanical operations, they contain no additives, are easy to use and non-polluting with zero CO2 emissions. Wood pellets are used as an alternative to wood logs in the latest-generation stoves which are more ecological, energy-efficient and convenient than traditional stoves.

In particular, our mixed beech and spruce “Green Eagle” pellets combine a blend of two varieties of virgin wood sawdust: beech, known for its high calorific value, and spruce, valued for its low ash content and for being certified in accordance with the European standard En Plus A2 ISO 17225-2 IT 304.

The resulting product combines optimal heat and cost efficiency.

Raw material spruce and beech
Moisture≤ 10 %
Nitrogen≤ 0,5 %
Chlorine≤ 0,03 %
Sulphure≤ 0,05 %
Mechanical durability≥ 97,5 %
Diameter6 ± 1 mm
Length3,15 < L ≤ 40 mm
Fine particles≤ 0,5 %
Ash≤ 1,2 %
Bulk density kg/m3600 ≤ BD ≤ 750
Net calorific value≥ 4,6 kWh/kg