tronchetti in legno pressato 10kg


Pressed wood briquettes or logs are pressed wooden cylinders obtained through mechanically compressing the sawdust which, together with the binding force of lignin, gives rise to an excellent alternative fuel to traditional firewood.

The virgin wood logs are normally used in traditional stoves or fireplaces and in any other type of heating system, becoming a pleasant, as well as innovative, source of heat in place of traditional non-renewable fuels.

Their practicality shows itself in their ease of use and packaging. In fact, they can be found in the handy 10 kg or 20 kg cardboard boxes that simplify their transportation. In addition, the reduced space occupied allows them to be easily stored anywhere within your home, thus reducing the dirt created through using traditional firewood.

Raw material of originVirgin beech wood
Humidity< 10%
Binding agentsnone
Nitrogen< 0,3%
Chlorine< 0,03%
Sulphur< 0.05%
Diameter75 mm - 90 mm
Length300 mm approx
Ash< 1%
Apparent mass750 kg/m3
Calorific value5000 Kcal